Goodbye, Part 2

A final word (at least for now), I’ve made the majority of my posts private but didn’t delete them.  I don’t think I’ll come back to them, but they’re here if I choose to.  A couple of people asked if my goodbye was swinger related, and I thought I should try to clarify that the best I can while respecting my family’s privacy.

To the best of my knowledge swinging has not played any real role in my current situation – truly.  I’ve made mistakes, past and present, and I’m feeling the effects now – as an individual and as a spouse.  My opinions have changed about swinging, not that it’s bad, but the appropriate way to go about it.  I only feel this way as a reflection of my past in general.  I know this probably raises more questions than answers them.  I’m sorry for that.  I think open relationships, swinging, and monogamy are best decided amongst the people considering them, and only they can know what’s right for them.

I can say I’ve grown, and learned so much about myself through this blog and swinging.

Best Regards,


Goodbye Betty.

I woke up last week, really for the first time in quite some time.  Currently, I’m evaluating myself, my marriage, our life.  This is an extremely difficult time for my husband and myself. I’ve enjoyed blogging so much, and think I’ll do it again at some point, but not as Betty Homebanger.

I feel like I’ve made friends with some fellow bloggers and I’ll continue following your blogs.  Thanks everyone for the support of Betty and me.

I’ll be deleting my posts at the end of the week.