Goodbye Betty.

I woke up last week, really for the first time in quite some time.  Currently, I’m evaluating myself, my marriage, our life.  This is an extremely difficult time for my husband and myself. I’ve enjoyed blogging so much, and think I’ll do it again at some point, but not as Betty Homebanger.

I feel like I’ve made friends with some fellow bloggers and I’ll continue following your blogs.  Thanks everyone for the support of Betty and me.

I’ll be deleting my posts at the end of the week.


42 thoughts on “Goodbye Betty.

  1. I am really sorry to hear this. I hope you can work things out at home. I guess we will never know what happened, but hope it gets better.

  2. Something seems wrong with this, killing a blog you worked on so hard that is. I personally will miss you. I have to many friends and I had not read every post of your but I think I have now. You are a very interesting original creative person and I always enjoyed your posts. I read every one from e when I started following until now and loved seeing your sexy torso on my favorites list. If you start another blog please look me up. Your creative and I’d be interested. And if you dare tell me who you were that would be cool. You’ve made my cock hard many times and knowing that this new blogger was BHB would be awesome. I wish you the best of luck.

    • I’ll contact you when I get a fresh blog up and going so you know its BHB. It means a lot that you’d like to follow it, and that I contribute to your erection count. 😉 Thank you for the encouraging words, and support of my blog and me.

  3. Betty, it is okay to change your mind about this. I don’t want to minimize whatever you are going through, but I have been here before and I’m so glad that I didn’t delete my posts. I know this feeling, when everything else seems out of control in life, this is that one thing that is totally yours to kill if you choose. The pain of losing the fun of checking stats, getting new followers, promoting yourself, it won’t be worth it honey. Please just reconsider. xoxo

  4. I’m really sorry to hear that you’re going through some rough times and hope you’ll find a way to resolve whatever the issues are.

    I’m also really really sorry that you’re leaving blogging. I really enjoyed your posts and your sexiness. I’ll miss you.

    As someone else also said, please consider not deleting your posts. There are other ways to keep them invisible to people, but please keep them in case you change your mind.

  5. I wondered what was up, but figured it must have been me! (is that the definition of vanity?)
    I shall miss all your posts and comments, and you have been a big help to me in me understanding my own relationship better. If you need time to figure out yours then take it.
    If you think this blog has played a part it in creating the issues you’re facing then by all means purge it, but as others have noted there are other ways of achieving the same. You could export the entire blog to a new one (Beth Humdinger?!) and set that one to be only viewable by you. That will give you your own private archive, a diary of sorts to look back on when you are ready.
    I for one am just as interested in what you are going through now as I am in your ‘sexscapades’, so I look forward to seeing any new blog you create.
    Take care Betty, live your life…. xo

    • Oh shit Nero, you made me cry. I thought of you a lot when writing about my blogger friends. I plan to keep in touch, if that’s okay with you. And I will definitely continue following you.
      It means a lot that you would like to follow my blog regardless of sexual content. I do find blogging very therapeutic, so I think I’d like to start blogging again soon, hopefully soon.
      I’ll take everyone’s advice and hide my posts somehow.
      Gosh, I’m really touched by your response. 🙂
      -B xo

      • I think we blog for similar reasons, albeit your sexcapades are better than mine! 😉 keep in touch, even if only ‘lurking’.

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  6. Oh nooooo! I’m sorry this is all happening. I have enjoyed your posts and input. You will be in my thoughts – Betty and the person behind Betty. I’ll miss you. xo xo

  7. Aw, sweetie, I don’t think you should delete your blog either. . .

    I’m also, I admit, shameless curious about what is going on with you and your H. Not because I am just nosy, but because I honestly worry (a LOT) that I might be destroying my marriage with the whole open thing. . .I’d love to hear your thoughts and observations. . .

    Take care, and be you.

    • Ah, good point, I don’t want to leave people wondering about that as my blog is mainly about swinging. I’ll post a little more detail while trying to maintain discretion. (But no it is not swinging related).

    • Yeah, that’s a subject we’re all interested in – and not just specifically to Betty’s situation. My biggest fear in sharing my wife would be that she doesn’t come back.

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  8. I’m sorry to see you go Betty, I’ve enjoyed reading along and getting to you know. Best wishes to you and Cash for the future. And you know where to find me, please don’t be shy about saying hi once in a while, it would be good to stay in touch, if you want.

  9. I’m so very sorry to see you go, Betty. Your posts are always so much fun and thought-provoking. I wish you and Cash all the best in your journey. I hope you can also find a way to preserve all your posts rather than delete them. You’re a very creative person who’s inspired me with my own writing and I hope to see you back on here very soon.

  10. Aww, while this makes me sad, you have to do what you have to do. Was great getting to meet you and wish you all the happiness in the world to come. It’s always good to take inventory of our lives and tweak as necessary to give ourselves the life we want.

    All the best Betty.

  11. I saw your blog for the first time today, July 11. I’m sorry that I’ll never get to know you and learn from your experience though this blog. From where I stand, you’re fantastic.

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