I can’t breathe.

Here’s a bit of what happened since I’ve been gone. Holy fuck, I’ve missed this.

Betty and beans

Surrounded by complete silence, I’m not sure what awakens me. I open my eyes just in time to see a man approaching me, I try to jump up…scatter away…anything but he’s too close. The panic is momentary.

His hand wraps around my neck, he snatches the covers off me. I’m in my bra and panties; too tired the night before to change. He roughly assaults my breasts, removes my underwear. It’s been less than a minute since I awoke.

He crawls up over me, forces his way in my mouth, pushing himself deeper. I can’t breath, the force, the angle…I don’t know. I aimlessly push trying to get him to retract himself. He does, only to plunge himself in again.

He removes his substantial length from my mouth, immediately settling between my legs and plowing in. As he enters me, his command: I’ll swallow this load. When he’s ready he…

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She’s baaaaaaacccckkkk, sorta.

**deep breaths** It’s been a year and a half since I’ve posted here. I know many of you have left. I’ve watched. But I’m here, and well, I’ve stalked Betty for a few weeks thinking, maybe burning, to swirl my toe in these dirty waters. To see who’s out there to listen, and to share some of the ups and downs I’ve faced since leaving this pseudo-safehaven.

That’s what Betty Homebanger was for me. The amped up, badass version of myself that I’d love to exhibit at all times. But the facade wears thin at times, and beneath it…lies a bit of Betty and a splash of Beans.

Make no mistake, the sex is hotter than ever, and the drama has reached all time highs. But my actually life has reached nasty, dark, undisputed lows.

So…is anybody out there?